When people ask why it is that Ukraine does not sit down with the Russian Federation, it's because they know Russia. They have done this in the past. They know the Federation can't be trusted because it's an imperial power hell-bent on reestablishing the USSR and spheres of influence.

Yes, they got receipts on this. Below is an example of this:

About 200 rounds of negotiations were held with Russia from 2014 to 2022, — Kuleba.

According to him, during this period 20 ceasefire agreements were reached and all of them were violated by Russia.

Neither 200 rounds nor 20 agreements prevented Putin from launching a full-scale invasion on February 24.

We know of the highlights, like the Minsk treaty. But there were also local ones. So when you ask, why will Ukraine not trust Russia? Here you go. And that was broken when Russia invaded in February of 2022.

So this is why. This brings me again to the wives of the mobilized. Russia is treating them worse than the penal battalions. Think about this. People who have committed murder and rape have better prospects of going home than people who have obeyed the law, paid taxes, and answered a summons:


"Inhumans fight for six months, but our husbands fight indefinitely." The wife of a mobilized man — about the disproportion of military "service" for cannibal killers and law-abiding men

The wives of those mobilized in 2022 are collecting signatures on a petition for their demobilization — and replacement with contract soldiers at the front. In the specialized TG channel "The Way Home" (which has almost doubled in size in a week), they expressed their indignation that prisoners recruited for the war, unlike their husbands, return home within six months: " The cannibalistic Satanist is released in six months , atoning for the serial killings at SVR. Our guys have been redeeming WHAT for the 15th month already?"

The mobilized wife and activist Maria Andreeva, who signed the petition, said the same in an interview with MO. "Why should our husbands be at the front indefinitely? And these nonhumans are only six months old," Maria is indignant. — A woman carries a child longer. And that's it, you've been pardoned and can walk free, all sentences have been reset." This is the kingdom of distorting mirrors, surrealism!"

In addition to the blatant injustice, there is another side to Putin's pardons, says Maria, because those released are dangerous to society: " What will be in their heads after they could kill with impunity and get pleasure from it? »

Only in November it became known about the release of two cannibals for participation in the war — the killer of three people Denis Gorin and the leader of the Yaroslavl gang of Satanists Nikolai Ogolobyak . We wrote about other released maniacs here.

This is creating rightful anger. Especially since women have been at the heart of resistance to the government, and when she speaks of cannibals, it's not a figure of speech. They are cannibals like Jeffrey Dammer was.

Incidentally, more of the slow boil continues within the Federation:


In the heart of Russia there is now not only permafrost, but also a red rebellious flame. Last evening, the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant (ChTZ), one of the most important enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex, was engulfed in fire. It produces, among other things, tank engines. According to eyewitnesses, the fire was preceded by an explosion.

Garbage public pages like SHOT (we won't put hyperlinks to them because of a feeling of disgust) traditionally write about "short circuit". There are more and more of these "short circuits"; sooner or later another "short circuit" will cover the well-known basement in Novo-Ogarevo.

Those of us in the OSINT community tend to blame smoking cats or smoking privates. But it's the same thing. We are seeing more events like this one. Yet one more suspicious fire.

It could be a transformer? Sure. They do fail, and with the sanctions regime, more are failing. It's the number of fires and location. Oh, and that basement is where the powerful, like Vladimir Putin, live.

And here is another report from the slow boil war on the rails:

New actions of railway guerrilla warfare in the Moscow region and Siberia

🔥In Domodedovo, Moscow region, a locking alarm system cabinet was set on fire and partially burned out at the 35th kilometer of the Domodedovo-Belye Stolby railway section. There were one and a half hour delays in train movement.

🔥Also, as a result of the partisan action, the work of a large sorting station in Novosibirsk was temporarily paralyzed. The partisans destroyed railway equipment near the Siberian Electrotechnical Plant and Kleschikha station.

On Wednesday night, partisans made their way to the station's equipment, located between the Siberian Electrotechnical Plant and the western customs post, and set it on fire. When emergency services arrived at the scene, the cabinet was already completely burned out.

I keep an eye on these, even if I don't report on them as often. It's a slow boil, which now includes the anger of women who lost their husbands to the war. There is a break in trust.

And while at it, Russia has lost another general. Like Submariners who died after the strike on Sebastopol, these don't grow on trees. Apparently, he stepped on a mine, which is a hell of an achievement since Russians don't tend to bury them:


The seventh Russian general has already died in Ukraine — his units fought in the Kherson region. This is the first loss of a senior Russian Defense Ministry officer since mid-summer

The death of Major General Vladimir Zavadsky was reported on November 28 by the telegram channel "Russia no context", this information was confirmed by military expert from CiT Ruslan Leviev, citing his sources in the army. According to "russia no context", Zavadsky commanded the 14th Army Corps and died as a result of a mine explosion.

Ukrainian military observer Konstantin Mashovets reported that units of the 14th Army Corps were spotted as part of the Dnepr group of troops, which is now operating in the "hot" sector of the front on the left bank of the Dnieper. The Ukrainian Armed Forces have had success in this area : they have formed several small bridgeheads and are operating there under the cover of artillery and kamikaze drones. In addition, Russian military correspondents and bloggers often complained about the activity of Ukrainian saboteurs in the occupied part of the Kherson region (including those involved in mining there).

The official biography of the general is rather meager: it is known that from 2018 to 2021 he commanded the Kantemirovskaya Guards Division in the Moscow region.

If Russian official sources confirm Zavadsky's death, he will become the seventh Russian general to die in the war in Ukraine. The last death of a high-ranking officer of the Russian Ministry of Defense dates back to July 2023 — then Lieutenant General Oleg Tsokov was killed as a result of an attack on a command post in Berdyansk.

Do Ukrainians get the credit for this one? Or Russians? Given how orders and plans are done under Russian doctrine, the potential disorder will buy Ukrainian forces some time. Incidentally, Volymedia has this to say about the stealing of Ukrainian children. For all of you misusing the term genocide, this is part of the legal definition:

Your children are state property of the Russian Federation

When you ask an ordinary Russian about Ukrainian children taken to Russia, the first thing he says is that they were rescued from bombing and shelling. When you explain to this Russian that children were also taken from occupied territories where there was no shelling, that they were taken from their parents and grandparents in filtration centers, that they were forcibly taken from orphanages, special schools, and sometimes even from home, the ordinary Russian does not believes.

When you tell him that children under 5 years of age taken from Ukraine are given new birth certificates, changing their place of birth, parents, last name, and sometimes first name, the Russian begins to get scared, but still does not believe it.

Only those who know what the Russian Federation is doing to Ukrainian children believe. These are officials from the civil registry office in the 21st region of Russia, these are vice-governors and governors, heads of regional departments of the FSB, regional and federal ministers of education and commissioners for children's rights.

We want as many people in Russia as possible to know about this. They recognized, believed and helped bring home those Ukrainian children who could still be found.

We have been preparing this material for almost a year. We traveled to several regions of the Russian Federation, talked with dozens of officials, security officials, teachers and educators. We found out how the largest kidnapping of children since the Second World War was organized, who became part of this mechanism, who controls it and reports to whom.

We ask you to read the text to the end, and then look around. In your environment there may be those who are related to the psychological and physical violence to which thousands of Ukrainian children deported to the Russian Federation are subjected. Perhaps you yourself work in the education system, in the administration of a region or city, in law enforcement agencies.

You can help us return children to relatives, return them home, return them to their names and identities. You can save specific children, become a hero for them and their loved ones. To do this, you need to be brave and start asking questions of people in your city.


This is also what happened at the end of the Second World War. Holocaust Survivors recovered many of those children. Seeing this parallel makes me wonder if we are closer to the back of this war. However, my hope has to be tempered by facts. And the fact is Russia does not seem to have run out of steam yet.

A reminder, Russia collapsed twice in the 20th century. When it happened, it was a matter of weeks, so when it happens, it will seem to be a surprise. To those of us paying attention, trying to read the tea leaves, and that is not easy. So we watch.